COLOMBO (Reuters) - The United Nations on Thursday urged donors to provide $165 million to Sri Lanka this year to help resettle around 100,000 people displaced by decades of fighting.

While 200,000 people have been resettled since the war ended last May, the others remain in transit camps near their home areas and less than 35,000 in emergency sites.


"The job is not yet done," Neil Buhne UN, the UN resident coordinator for Sri Lanka said in statement. "It is still a critical period and we ask for your continued support to meet the remaining crucial needs."

He said even those who had returned needed help to rebuild their lives.

"The welfare of the returned people, is an important element in reconciliation and ultimately, sustainable peace and development."


Ethnic minority Tamils have long complained of discrimination by Sinhala majority rulers, which sparked the armed conflict in early 1983.

(Reporting by Ranga Sirilal; Editing by Shihar Aneez and Sanjeev Miglani)